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Lou Patrick

Lou Patrick is the founder and principal of Evolution Research & Marketing Services, bringing decades of research, marketing and management experience to the company. Most recently, he served as Managing Editor of PR Brigade, an advertising agency specializing in social media marketing. In the past, Lou was Vice President of Sales and Client Services for Edison Media Research, a leading research firm in media insights and political polling. Prior, he served as Vice President of Research & Strategy for Strategic Media Research in Chicago, a two-time Inc. 500 market research firm specializing in research for the radio, television, and music industries. Lou Patrick's extensive experience includes senior management and on-air positions with market-dominant radio stations in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Oklahoma City, among others. He is a graduate of Wittenberg University.

Company History

Originally operating under the name "Evolution Research," the company was founded in 2004 by Lou Patrick, who ever since has served as principal and president. Its original mission was to provide cutting edge research insights by combining traditional and online survey methodologies. The name Evolution represented the change from old ways of doing market research to new. As on-line research became ubiquitous, Evolution's research products moved completely to an Internet-based realm. More recently, with social media taking center-stage, along with the marketing opportunities it brings, Evolution added marketing services to its list of product offerings and the company name became Evolution Research & Marketing Services. By combining marketplace insights with the ability to reach consumers through social media, Evolution Research & Marketing Services offers a unique and useful mix of business services, at affordable rates.

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