An Overview of Our Services

Market research

We are a full service market research provider, specializing in Internet-based data gathering. From market perceptual studies to product and advertising testing, we offer a full suite of services that will answer your questions about your customers or audience.

data tabulation

We can tabulate your survey results, or other data, providing output of tables, charts and/or infographics. Data tabulation services are available whether or not we are the source of data (through research or other projects). Let us solve your data agregation chalenges.

content creation

Fresh content is key to maintaining social media interaction with your customers. We can create original material or edit your writings for blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your website, professionally and inexpensively.

Content editing and optimization

If you create your own content for Social Media Marketing, we can edit it and add elements to insure maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can also dress it up with customized photos and graphics.

social marketing maintenance

Simply creating content isn't enough. It has to be formatted, posted, tracked and even replied to. All time-consuming tasks. We can handle the hard work for you.

digital photography and video creation

Words are only part of social marketing. Pictures and video are key elements as well. We are photography experts. Well versed in Photoshop for creating and updating pictures, as well as video and video editing. Let us make your media sparkle.

How We Work


Have us tackle a specific project or need, at an agreed-to fixed cost.


Hire us as a virtual marketing department, with flexible but controllable objectives and pricing.

Additional Services

Creative thinking and flexibility are key attributes of our client relationships. We strive to solve problems effectively and inexpensively. Talk to us about your research and marketing challenges, no matter how difficult. Let us try to solve them for you.